Monday, November 9, 2009

Treating a Gift as a Gift

As a mother of four boys 6 and under I feel that I often forget that they are a gift to me from the Father....just because of the busyness of life and keeping things running I have to remind myself that they are not a nuisance or a hindrance to my goal.... that raising them IS my goal.... not the things that are done along side, but the children are the priority. The house, dishes, clothes, toys, cooking, bargain shopping, homeschooling and all the many things I do are to take care of them and to make life better for them, yes... but when I get caught up in "getting things done" I fight the feeling to "keep the kids out of the way"....
I'm not saying that keeping the house in order is not important, just the attitude that I have with the work, it is the journey that matters. I want them included in the running of things with the attitude that we are all working together towards a goal... not the attitude of raise them so they can do it all for me or that they need to be locked up in a room in order for me to "get the job done". There has to be a balance. My desire is to raise my children with the right heart and with purpose. So that they know the heart of the Father for them. That God wants to use them so that He can bless them. To obey the "rules" in order to be protected and blessed. To want to obey and love because they are so deeply loved. I want the tone I use with them to be one of love and patience even in the most frustrating circumstances. For I know each one is a specific gift to add something to my life that was not there before, and just like any other physical gift I would receive, I want to take care of them, protect them and love them.
Children are not seen as an actual gift, but a responsibility... and I think what we don't realize is that every gift has a responsibility that goes along with it.
I am striving each day to grow the spirit that is inside their body..... I could keep a spotless home with clean folded laundry everyday and have my sons grow up with the deep wound that they are a burden to me because they always leave things a mess....but that would stunt their growth and possibly hinder them from truly knowing the heart of the Father toward them....

So Father, take my heart and give me your heart toward my sons, I give you the tone of voice that I use with them and the words that I speak and ask for your tone and your words..... I give you my "goals" and I ask you to give me your goals.... take this family that we have begun and finish the work.... give us sons and daughters who will run after you with all of their lives..... I give my "control" to you and ask you to control. Thank you for the blessings that you have given specifically for this family, this time in history and thank you for entrusting them to me.... thank you that you have given me everything I need to be the mother that you created me to be.