Saturday, October 31, 2015


So my goal is to write every day, any topic that is on my heart. Long or short. 
Most will probably be short because of all these guys. I never know what to call them... My crew, my tribe, my team? Arrows, or is that too fundy? Anyway, them. 

Today I wrote four different drafts with four different topics.  Usually as I am washing dishes or preparing dinner my mind is full from the events of the day and today I took a second to write a couple lines in hopes of triggering my memory. I think that will work well. 

It is crazy how busy the mind gets and how many things can go forgotten. I was telling Mike recently that most days I am often 5 tasks behind what I need to be doing. It feels crazy most of the time. 

Time goes so fast though. I really feel like if I blink it will be over. 

I have to remind myself often. Otherwise it feels like a daunting task to care for 7 children night and day. 

His grace truly holds me when I am at the end.