Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 goals

For 2015 the two main goals I set were to begin waking up earlier to actually have time in quiet and to do some sort of exercise routine. I did well with waking up early. I began waking up early with Josiah for school, then in June I began waking up with Mike to get his coffee ready and send him out the door. We went to a marriage conference and he has shared with me how he felt to wake up and get ready for work all alone. So we set out to change that because I want him to feel loved and not feel alone. For the exercise part I was doing well but it reduced my milk supply so I decided to hold off for little while. I think I did pretty well. I was determined and I had accountability, which is huge for me. 

So for 2016 I know I can accomplish my goals. Right now I have just a few goals.
1. Begin an exercise program (since Gideon is almost ready to wean).
2. To write through the books of the Law, almost a fourth of the Bible, by hand.
3. Hug my boys more.
4. Read 6 books/Bible studies, I haven't picked them yet.
5. Practice my guitar a couple times a week and begin to refresh on the piano a little.
6. Work on our savings.

There are a couple that are more personal.   I am a bit nervous about some larger things we face, but we are trusting that the Lord is leading us and we are obeying. I know He is doing a new thing and my desire is run hard after Him. If we fail, it wasn't because we were afraid to jump.