Thursday, December 17, 2015

35 reasons

35 reasons he is amazing. 
Today the love of my life turns 35. Words fail to describe him. 
At my 30th birthday he wrote me a list and I need to make one for him :)
I could go past 35 but will save them for future birthdays. 

1. He loves Jesus.
2. He is kind. 
3. He loves deeply. 
4. He doesn't waiver from his convictions. 
5. He is strong. 
6. He is brave. 
7. He is a dedicated father.
8. He loves his boys. 
9. He leads his family well. 
10. His wit and dry humor, he always makes me laugh. 
11. He is a hard worker, very driven. 
12. He is spoils me in any way he can. 
13. He has never spoken a harsh word to me. 
14. His heart is always for my good and the good of our boys. 
15. He always surprises me how much Scripture is in his mind. 
16. He doesn't give up when a thing is too hard. 
17. He is quick to apologize. 
18. He dreams big, God sized dreams. 
19. He is self motivated and disciplined. 
20. He is so handsome. 
21. He listens to my heart. 
22. He values my opinions and makes hard decisions. 
23. He is comfortable to sit in the quiet with me. 
24. He helps me in the home even after he works so hard outside the home. 
25. He provides well and is wise with our money. 
26. He never treats me less than. 
27. He makes it easy to submit to him, because he is a kind leader. 
28. The way he laughs crazy. 
29. The way he smiles when he is being sly. 
30. The way he sniffs from across the room and I know it is to get my attention. 
31. His prayers and the way he leads worship. 
32. Soft heart. 
33. His knowledge of random facts. 
34. He protects and defends, he is brave. 
35. He trusts and he obeys God's calling in His life. I know I can trust him with our family. 

I am so in love with this man. It is an amazing thing to love a person so deeply. I am so thankful God gave this man to me. 
Happy birthday! I am so thankful God gave you to me! I can't wait for the next 35!