Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day 11 What makes you feel wonderful?

What on this earth makes me feel wonderful?  On the earth, my husband makes me feel wonderful.  I can't express it completely enough.  He is the greatest gift my Heavenly Father has given me and I am so humbled that I would be given such an incredible gift.

We have gone though several valleys, but we have not given up and our God is faithful.  The season we are in now is not easy,  but it is a beautiful season. We know that the Lord will see us through.


Outside of anything of the earth, what makes me feel wonderful is sitting in the presence of Jesus.  There have been times of worship and study that I wish would never end.  Those times are what I live for.  To know Him and His word makes me grow deep, but to sit in His tangible presence presses His love deeply inside of me and I want to please my Father with my life.  His love is amazing.  This goes along with my dream.... that I would be able to share these experiences with the body of Christ.

I wait for Him to open those doors again, until then, it is He and I.
I am content in Him.