Saturday, October 8, 2016

Day 8 What is your biggest dream?

I'm behind! But I love this question.

Today at church we were asked to identify with what we are.
1. Pessimistic 
2. Content
3. Competitor
4. Dreamer/planner

I do dream. And plan. Both probably on a daily basis. I have to plan, in my family dynamic it would be a disaster if I didn't. 

My dream. 
Sir and I met while in missions together and we fell in love leading worship together. 

We have been given a beautiful family and been in ministry most of our married life. But my role has been much less than his, as I have been the primary caretake of our guys. That has been hard for me, but I've trusted the Lord with that. 

My dream is to go full circle in serving and leading worship together with Sir. To be in ministry together again. 

My dreams are growing and so are his. I know God is stirring us and getting us ready for the next steps and I am so excited. I can't wait to see what God does.

We'll be the dreamer of Your dreams, God.  Give us your dreams.