Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day 13 You have no patience for ________.

Ugh. I have many answers.  Noise, messes, so much laundry, children not following simple instructions.  Some adults, I have a lot to manage and I have a hard time giving grace and patience to adults who cannot manage things well, honestly.  That hurts to admit.

I struggle with patience... but He always reminds me of His grace.  And that IF I am walking in His Spirit then patience will come out naturally. I want to be found in Him and I usually have a check in my spirit about my impatience.  So when I do struggle, I walk away for a while, or send the child I am struggling with away.   We both need time to breathe.

The patiences He shows me catches my breath.  Throughout scripture I see His perfect patience.   All the answers I should know, all the ways I should have grown by now.  His perfect patience reveals to me His love.  And in that, I can see how my fruit should come, because of Him.  His grace. His patience.  It calls me deeper into Him. In my abiding, I will bear much fruit.