Friday, October 14, 2016

Day 14 What expression do you overuse?

My first thought is that it would be "oh my goodness". In many different tones and volumes... because of all that occurs in my house. With 7 sons, things are rarely calm or uneventful.  We have the messes, noise, fights, the funny things they say, the cute ways they show their love for each other, the farts and screams.  Many many things would cause me to say "Oh my goodness!"  I'm not sure where I would have picked it up, but over the years it is pretty common.

I am a very type A personality and I love organization and planning.  I have been for as long as I remember.  These boys just mess all that up! :)  My stress levels used to be pretty high, like constant fight and flight.  I have to keep it in check or it will overwhelm me.  I feel very unhappy when things are unorganized or not being handled well.  So, we do follow pretty regular schedules for just about anything.  Housework, school, rest, meals and meal planning.  But I am also learning to handle the things that throw me off schedule with grace.  I feel like I can ignore a lot as well, which may not always be good.  But with a little bit of quiet to feed my introverted self, I can jump right back in again.  Becoming a boy mom is an adventure I never thought I would have, but I see now that it is the perfect adventure for me.   A life full of goodness.