Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day 5 What question makes you anxious?

More than one come to mind.  But all of them have to do with my children or my choices in my parenting.

There are several decisions that we have made concerning our children that are not quite the norm. So when we are questioned about them I become nervous and suspicious, and may I not answer them quite as directly.  It would depend on who was actually doing the questioning.
The questions would have to do with our choice in the education and health care of our boys.

I think it has to do with feeling judged or being rejected somehow.  Or the fear of being treated as if I am doing something wrong.  I know I shouldn't feel that way because I know who I answer to, but I think it is natural.   No one wants to be seen as someone uninformed or weird.

But grace has taught me much about these type of things.  No one will agree with everything in my life and I will feel the same about many others.  Grace in knowing where God has called me and my family helps me to show grace to the ones I may disagree with.  We will never know what a person has walked through until we walk through ourselves.  I desire to live that grace toward others.