Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 24 something I miss

I miss my island. 

I miss living so close to the water and the breeze that is always there and how 
much cooler it is there. I miss hearing the wind through the Australian pines in the back yard. The boys called it the pee pee forest. They played survival there. I miss the magnolia tree, first tree the boys learned to climb. They would climb on top of the swing set and use it as a balance beam to get to the tree. What beautiful blooms were on that tree in the spring and so painful to step on the seed pods barefoot. I miss the boys racing back and forth on our corner sidewalk, where two boys learned to ride bikes and just all the walking and pushing of cars and trucks back and forth. They loved it. So many trees were in our yard there. So many memories of boys conquering the world.  

I miss our evening beach trips and how close target and the mall was, even if to do nothing but walk. I miss friends who helped to shape me into who I am and saw me through very very hard times. Most have moved on. 

My heart aches as I remember. 

God gives sweet memories. And He calls us deeper and farther than we can imagine. 
Oh to just trust. 

The days I live now I will one day miss, ache for. It is always hard to recognize that the days we are living in now will one day be the good ole days. 

Oh Father, teach me to number my days and to count all the ways I find You in them.