Monday, November 16, 2015

Rays of light

Late afternoon of a Florida fall may be my favorite time to watch... His love. That is the way it feels.

The sunlight streams into the house and everything that it shines on suddenly becomes beautiful. Even the mess of my life, legos, crayons or cars scattered.  Even crumbs on the table suddenly become beautiful in the light.

It streams through the leaves on the trees and through the windows full of fingerprints.  His beauty in the mess. It warms me... softens me... to slow.  To see how He loves me.

He does make beautiful things out of us. It drives me to search for all the ways.  The busy can run me into the ground under all the weight.  But knowledge of His love lightens.

We are all a mess, we really are. But His love does not stop shining... pouring onto us.

Good Father plays on repeat soaking myself in Him.  He is my good Father and I am loved by Him.

Oh, Father, let it soak deep into my soul, that I will never doubt or see myself unworthy. Thank you for your love and the daily late afternoon reminder... a love letter to me.