Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Break Free

Days like today are hard. Stress is starting to weigh on me... Hormones too, I guess I shouldn't leave that out even if I want to.

These boys are exhausting some days. The time change has just added an extra hour for me to keep a 3 year old calm, which is always unsuccessful. His screams make me want to rage. I have fought so hard, lost some and won some. So many triggers and I just can't keep it all in check. Ministry, sickness, teething, tempers, homeschooling and math. Everyday things that add up in a mind fast. 

I know that the Lord is working on my raging, opening my eyes to see the strong holds and break them. I hate what I do. Because I remember..... and I know no matter how much I cry and apologize that is what these boys will remember, a raging mom. 

I know that break through is coming. When you acknowledge the sin the enemy loses his power. Turn and repent. 
God's power is greater.