Saturday, November 14, 2015

Your life in 7 years

Day 14 My life in 7 years!

Wow! It blows my mind. 

My babies will be grown and I will be 42 years old. 

Ages of my children. 
Gideon will be 8
Abram 10
Simeon will be 12
Malachi will be 13
Ezekiel will be 14
Isaiah will be 17
Josiah will be 19

I can only imagine what this will be like. 
I will still be homeschooling these boys. Hopefully I will have two graduates and lots of independent workers. I hope to not have to do much around the house. I also hope that I have a bit of time to do my callings in ministry to women. 

I would like to have a home on a bit of land. 
I also dream that our ministry will be full. Worship and women's and men's ministries. I expect to be fully in love with my husband and that our marriage is even more beautiful and deep. This man is my everything. 

I know that we will look back and say this was abundantly above anything we could ask or even imagine, just like we have the last 7 or even 14 years. 

Father, this next 7 years are yours. Do what you want with us and with these years. For your glory and your fame.