Monday, November 9, 2015

God size dreams

When God begins to whisper God sized dreams it is terrifying. 

God placed His dream in our hearts for the family He has given us. Looking back one step at a time faith builds on faith. To look at the whole picture I am amazed. He has done big things with those dream for "just one more" said over and over through the years. I am already in awe over wheat He will do with each of my sons. I feel an excited expectation. 

It always shocks me when I realize that God has used us to speak into the life of those outside of my home. The feeling that comes to mind is uncomfortable, like attention has been brought to me. I shrug it off.... Appearing to be a snob, inwardly terrified. I don't want responsibility of leading others when I know the weight of it. 

God is placing these things deeper in us and I see glimpses every now and then of how He may accomplish it. His ways are not our ways and the way He accomplishes He plans are never what I expect. Just like with our family. 

I pray desperately for humility and that we will walk each step on the path He has for us. God if we fail, You are with us. You are sovereign and your will will be accomplished. I trust in You. 

We'll be the dreamers of your dreams.